Mechanical Product Design & Development Partner

From idea to sketch, To a real world prototype to production.

No matter the complexity, no matter the design.

We are here to do it


What We Do


Product Design

If you have great idea and need help in getting that idea into market. we are here to do it 

Engineering Support

We can work with your team to resolve complex engineering problems and getting product into market.

Manufacturing Support

If you have a design we can help you in making real world prototype. We have vendors all across the globe.

Our Expertise


Concept Design

Computer Aided Design


Sheet Metal Design

Mechanical Design For IoT 


Rugged Enclosure Design

Plastic Enclosure Design

Design For Manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

Production Support

Our Advantages


Design For Manufacturing

Product Designed by us will be ready for Manufacturing

Engineering Expertise

We deliver design right first time. We use latest tools, technology and experience to design excellent products.

Innovative Solutions

We will provide you innovative solutions for complex engineering problems.


Cost Advantages

We are committed to provide low cost solutions without compromising on quality.

Manufacturing Support

With our network of vendors, we can help you in getting your product into market.