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Drilling Machine Manufacturing Operations

Drilling machine is commonly used for doing various manufacturing operations. Apart from drilling, other manufacturing operations can be done with drilling machine. For doing different manufacturing operations, Required drill bit is selected and machine speed is controlled. 



Drilling is metal cutting operation by rotating and pressing multi point cutting tool (called drill bit), to cut a circular hole in solid materials. Standard tool bits in different size are available.

In drilling operation drill bit is rotated at very high speed.




Reaming is a cutting and finishing operation that is used to enlarge existing hole to make more accurate hole diameter and to improve surface finish. Reaming tool bit is different from drill hole bit.

In reaming operation speed of spindle holding reaming tool bit, is kept approximately half of the speed of drilling.




Tapping is a thread cutting operation, used to make internal threads in an existing hole. Tapping operation can be done with hand tool or by using drilling machine running at very low speed.

Tapping bit is required for dong tapping operation.




Boring is a metal cutting operation, used to enlarge the diameter of existing hole. Boring tool bit is a single point cutting edge tool. Boring tool is used when required size drill is not available.

Boring operation is done at relatively lower speeds. Boring bits are required for doing boring operation.



Counter-boring is a metal cutting operation, used to make a stepped hole.

In counterboting operation a cylindrical hole with larger diameter is drilled partially in relatively smaller diameter hole.

Counterbored hole is typically used when a fastener head need to be flushed with part surface. This is done to make sure fastener surface will not protrude out of part surface.

Counterboring tool bits are different from drilling bits but some time drilling tool bit can also be used for making counter bore holes.



Countersinking is a metal cutting operation used to make a cone shaped enlargement at the end of the hole. Angle of the conical surface can be in the range of 60° to 90°.

Countersinking is used to provide recess for a Counter sunk fastener (Screw or Rivet).

Countersinking tool bits are different from drilling bits but in some cases drilling tool bit can also be used for making countersink holes.


Spot Facing

Spot facing is a finishing operation, used for the smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole. It is done to provide proper seating for a nut or the head of a screw.




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