Advantages and Applications of Overmolding Process

What is Overmolding ?

Overmolding is an injection molding process for creating one single part using two or more  materials. This process is also known as two shot injection molding.

Advantages of Overmolding

Plastic overmolding offers following advantages :

  • Improved Product Quality and Performance

Overmolding ensures proper alignment and rigid assembly of products.

  • Reduced Secondary Operation

Overmolding eliminates secondary assembly operation. That results in labor and part handling cost saving.

  • Eliminates Fasteners and Adhesive

Since parts are assembled during injection molding. Use of fasteners and adhesives is eliminated.

  • Reduced Cost

Elimination of secondary operation and fasteners saves cost.

  • Improve product ergonomics and User Experience

Overmolding rubber grips on mechanical tools improves design. 

  • Enhanced Design Flexibility

Complex assembly design and manufacturing of multi material parts is feasible with overmolding.


  • Multi material Parts

Car headlights are manufactured in two materials (PMMA and ABS or PC) using overmolding.

  • Multi Color Parts

To improve product aesthetics, multiple colors can be added in one part.

  • Soft Grip Parts

Soft grip of TPU or silicon is molded over the plastic part. For example rubber grip on screw driver and tooth-brushes. 

  • Over molding Gaskets on Plastics

Complex gaskets can be overmolded over plastic parts itself.

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