Accelerate Product Design Process with Simulation

Simulations are computer models used to check the performance of a system in defined conditions. In this article we will discuss how simulation accelerate the product design process and helps in getting products to market faster at low development cost.

For understanding we will compare the design process of router with and without simulation. 

During product design, we identify the risks to achieve required product functions. 

There can be two approaches to eliminate Risks.

  1. Simulation Studies
  2. Gut feeling and past experience.


There can be various risks during the design of above product. But in this article we will discuss only two risks:
  1. Drop Test : Product shall work even if it is dropped from a height of 2 meter.
  2. Working Temperature Range : Working temperature of product is defined from -10 to 70°C.

Eliminating Risk of Failure

Lets discuss two approaches in detail to eliminate above risks.

Approach 1 (with Simulation) 

As illustrated above, using simulation we can eliminate the risk of failure during design phase. As a result, chances of failure during testing reduces.

Approach 2 (without Simulation)

As illustrated above, without simulation risk of failure is not eliminated. We are at blind spot. As a result chances of failure are increased. 

If product fails process of prototype development need to be repeated.


From above discussion, we can conclude following points :

  1. Simulation reduces the risk of failure at design stage itself. Simulation is done in parallel with detailed product design.
  2. Without simulation risk of failure is high. And if product fails, during testing. Prototypes are developed again. Prototype development costs are generally high.
  3. Visualization of simulation data helps in understanding problem quickly.

You can check advantages and limitations of simulation here 

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