Difference Between Product Design and Product Development

This Question always comes in mind. What is the difference between product design and Product development ? Lots of definitions are available for product design and product Development. But in this article we will try to find the difference between product design and product development.


Product Development

Product Development is a complete product development cycle. It starts from market analysis followed by product specifications, concept/industrial design, costing, scheduling, testing, manufacturing, logistics, customer feedback, improvements and all other aspects of getting a product into the market.

Complete product development process includes involvement of marketing, design, purchase, manufacturing, sales and after sales support team. in another words, It is complete product life cycle.

Product Design

Product Design process involves mostly technical work. Most of peoples working on product design comes from technical background. Product design process includes product industrial design, user experience, Product architecture design, mechanical design, electrical and electronics design, firmware development, design calculations & simulation, product testing.

Responsibility of a good product design is to make product working as per design specifications.

Examples 1

Consider if your company wants to launch a washing machine into market. Firstly they will do market research afterwards they will finalize target market, specifications, design and manufacturing, promotions, sales and then after sales services.

This whole process which involves management, marketing, design, manufacturing, logistics accounts, after-sales is product development.

Whereas various process of various concept designs, detailed mechanical design, machine hydraulics design, electrical and electronics design, injection molding, tool development and final product testing and qualification is design process. Product designers are technical guys.


To sum up, Product development process is complete product cycle. Marketing, design, procurement, manufacturing and development teams work together to make a product successful. Product development is a broader term. Product design is a part of product development cycle.

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