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Electronics enclosure designs that reflect your design intent, product requirements and cost is a challenging work . Few things like product aesthetics, market size, product life & cost need to be determined in the start of design 

This blog will highlight key design consideration and their impact on product performance: product aesthetics, material selection, assembly process, Budget and total number of parts need to be manufactured

If you have any questions, please comment below or email , we will do our best to get back to you with some useful information.

If you need any assistance in design and development of  electronics enclosure for your electronics product you can contact us for any kind of mechanical design services


Product Industrial Design / Aesthetics Design

Product aesthetics is a key and main selling point for any product. Even much before the start of electronics design product industrial design & aesthetics need to be finalised.

Your PCB design should reflect all aspects of product industrial design like:

  • PCB Outline
  • Position of indication led
  • Position of Switch
  • Position of interface connectors

While finalising industrial design you should make sure product is manufacturable. You can refer smlease sheet metal design guidelines & plastic part design guidelines for more information

We recommend you to get consultancy from some mechanical engineer before fixing Product industrial design and PCB out. You can email your requirement at :


Material Selection

Material selection is an important part of product design process. This decision need to be taken in the initial phases of product design. Material selection affects the product industrial design & Cost.

While Selecting part material following consideration need to be taken care:

Product Industrial Design / Aesthetics: Plastics gives more flexibility in product industrial design (shape, colour & weight) as compared to sheet metal and machining enclosures.


Product Application : IOT & electronics products has requirements to pass signals out of mechanical enclosures. Metals blocks signals. All consideration need to be taken care before selection of the material


Corrosion Resistance Requirements  Metal corrodes and plastic degrades when comes in contact with harsh environment. Selection of Material Type and grade need to be done based of environmental conditions


Thermal Heat Dissipation : Plastics are bad conductor of heat. Its very difficult to dissipate heat from plastic enclosures. If total heat dissipation is high metal enclosures or combination of metal and plastic enclosure is recommended 


Assembly Process

Assembly process of a product greatly affects overall product design, material selection, aesthetics and manufacturing process of a product. Following questions need to be answered before finalising product assembly process.

  • Is product serviceable or its one time assembly?
  • Do you want to give easy access to user to the internals of the product?
  • Does user need to change any part like battery occasionally?
  • What is Waterproof rating of the product?
  • How many parts need to be manufactured?


Project Budget

Manufacturing of mechanical parts is a very costly affair. Tooling cost are very high. If  this is not considered before the start of final design it can be very costly affair. For example tooling cost for the manufacturing of  top and bottom housing can be 5k to 10 k depending on the complexity of product.

Total number of parts to be manufactured greatly affects the decisions on manufacturing process and total product cost.

If the required quantity is more than 5000 nos plastic will be a most cost effective option as tool price will be amortised in 5000 parts but if required quantity is 1000 total mechanical enclosure price will be increased by 5 times

For smaller quantities sheet metal enclosure is a cheaper option as no special tooling is required and setup cost is very less.

If you need any assistance in design and development of electronics enclosure for your electronics product you can contact us for any kind of mechanical design services

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