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Role of Mechanical Design Engineer in PCB Design

Now a days all market disrupting big ideas are coming new startups and innovators who has no previous experience in product design. In initial design stage sometime innovators and startups gives more preference  to pcb hardware design without considering industrial and mechanical design of the product.

Hiring a Mechanical Design Service at the initial design stage of your pcb layout, can save redesign cost and reduce product time to market.

How Mechanical / Industrial Design can Affect Layout of a PCB

  • In most cases final user will use PCB with mechanical housing. To fit PCB in mechanical, PCB design should be compatible with mechanical design. If your PCB design will not be compatible with mechanical design, compromises will be made for mechanical design.
  • Mechanical / Industrial design is very important part of any product design for good user experience. 
  • Due to miniaturisation heat dissipation becomes very important part of a product design, Mechanical designer can help you in improving heat dissipation from your PCB, that reduces product development time and saves cost  
  • During complete life cycle any pcb has to withstand harsh environmental conditions. During layout PCB has to be designed in such a way that it should be able to withstand harsh environments. Mechanical designer can help here by recommending number of holes, position of holes, position of connectors etc.  

From All above points we can conclude that for a good PCB design that is user friendly and can withstand harsh environment, PCB designer should work with mechanical designer. 

Being a mechanical product design company SMLease Design can help you in mechanical design and development of your product. After reviewing the design we can identify the design and manufacturing risks. Identifying risks in initial product design stage helps in making products first time right.

You Can Contact Us if you need any support in mechanical product design and development of IOT, consumer electronics, telecom and automotive products. We offer our mechanical design services to new statups and innovators. Let us know about your requirements get quick quotes.


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