Difference Between Blanking, Punching & Piercing in Sheet Metal

This question regarding sheet metal cutting operation, always comes in mind. What is  difference between punching blanking and piercing?   

In this article, we will discuss Blanking Punching and piercing cutting operations.


As explained in above image, blanking operation produces a enclosed part from large piece of sheet metal. As a result blank part is used as final product.

For example disk or plane washer coming out of sheet is a blanking operation. 


As explained in above image, punching operation removes scrap from the larger piece of sheet metal. As a result of punching, larger piece of sheet metal becomes final product.

In another words, Combination of punching operations deliver final product.  



As explained in above image, Piercing operation produces extruded hole or slot. As a result of applied force from piercing tool, sheet metal starts tearing and produces extruded hole/slot.

In another words, Piercing is a type of forming operation.

Conclusion :

To sum up, punching blanking and piercing are sheet metal cutting operations. Each of them has a different application.

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