K-Factor Calculator in Sheet Metal Forming

When sheet metal is bent, the inside surface of the bend is compressed and the outer surface is stretched. Somewhere in between the thickness of material lies neutral axis: Line with-in thickness that is neither compressed nor stretched.

The K-Factor in sheet metal Bending is the ratio of the position of neutral axis to the material thickness. Term k-factor is used in cad programmes to calculate sheet-metal blank size.

Value of k factor will be always less than than 0.5, Value of k factor will be dependent of material, sheet thickness and machine. You can use this calculator for calculating value of k factor in sheet metal for your machine.

Steps To calculate K-Factor

Step 1

Take a sample sheet of known length and write it down under flat length column.

Step 2

Bend sheet upto known length with machine for that k factor need to be calculated.

Step 3

Fill the value of Bend angle, sheet thickness and inside bend radius (value of inside bend radius depends on v die)

Step 4

Measure the value of bend length A & B

Step 5

Result column will show the value of bend deduction & K factor

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