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Ventilation Options For Sheet Metal Enclosures

Why Ventilation is Required ?

With reduction in size of electronics PCB and mechanical enclosure, Heat dissipation is becoming a challenge. To increase heat dissipation rate in sheet metal enclosures, ventilation holes are required. In sheet metal parts we can create ventilation holes that are aesthetically pleasing while satisfying the requirement of heat dissipation.

Heat transfer calculation for high heat dissipating components need to be done to find optimum area required for convection heat transfer.

Our team can work with you if you are facing any challenges in dissipating heat from your electronics devices you can Contact us for Sheet metal design services.


Decorative ventilation Cutouts

Ventilation holes in sheet metal parts can be used to provide better aesthetics to your product. For example your company logo or product name can be laser cut on sheet metal cover. This will give good aesthetics to your product in the same time it will satisfy the functional requirement of heat dissipation to your product.




Louvers are a good option to provide ventilation openings in sheet metal enclosure, with a degree of water and dust protection.

Louvers can be formed on punching process. No extra operation is required to make louvers.




High Cut out density ventilation holes

While giving array of  ventilation holes, sheet metal design rules need to be followed. Some times for good thermal design lot of small holes need to be place very close to each other that may cause the sheet metal to bend or wrap.

To avoid the wrapping of sheet metal due to very large number of small holes, larger slots can given if product IP rating is not a constrain. With slots required ventilation can be achieved and manufacturing also will be a concern.


Perforated Sheets For Ventilation

If the requirement is for a  large open area with constrain of product IP rating and to reduce the buckling of sheet because of punching, perforated sheets are a cost effective option.

Because of the constrains  of product IP rating and to make product dust proof instead of large holes, requirement is for small holes. In that case also perforated sheets are prefeared.

Cutting or punching large number of holes in a sheet is a very costly affair. Perforated sheets with different material options are easily available in market at low cost.

Perforated sheets can be assembled with sheet metal parts using welding or by using fasteners. 



Our team can work with you if you are facing any challenges in dissipating heat from your electronics devices you can Contact Us for Sheet metal design services

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