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Circularity: GD&T Tips SMLease Design

  • Circularity/Roundness is used to control the circularity of a round feature in 2D tolerance zone.
  • Circularity tolerance is independent of any datum feature.
  • Value of circularity tolerance is always less than the diameter dimensional tolerance of the part.
  • Circularity tolerance can be applied to any part (external or internal surfaces) which is circular in cross-section. 
  • MMC and LMC conditions are not applicable with circularity tolerance.

Circularity Representation on Drawing

Circularity Tolerance Zone:


Tolerance zone for circularity will be two concentric circles


Measurement of Circularity:

Circularity of any round part is measured by rotating the part by central axis and value of deviation in circular surface is measured with dial gauge.

Application of Circularity

  • Circularity tolerance is used to make sure manufactured part is round and within tolerance limit.
  • Without the use of circularity tolerance tighter tolerance need to be provided in diameter of any part.

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