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Cylindricity : GD&T Basics SMLease Design

  • Cylindricity is used to constrain the part surface close to true cylinder. Cylindricity forms a cylindrical tolerance zone around the object.
  • Cylindricity is 3 Dimensional tolerance used to control the overall form of a cylindrical feature to ensure that it is round enough and straight enough along its axis.
  • Datum Feature are not required for Cylindricity tolerance.
  • Value of cylindricity tolerance is always less than the diameter dimensional tolerance of the part.

Representation of Cylindricity Tolerance: 

Tolerance Zone :

Tolerance zone for cylindricity tolerance will be two concentric cylinders across the entire length of the feature  equal to the value of cylindricity tolerance.


How to Measure Cylindricity Tolerance:


Cylindricity of any round part is measured by rotating the part by central axis and value of deviation in surface is measured along the entire length at several locations using height gauge.


Measured value of total variation should be less than given value of cylindrical tolerance

Application of Cylindricity Tolerance:

  • Cylindricity is used to control the cylindrical profile of shaft, pins and any other cylindrical profile.
  • Cylindricity is  used to control roundness and straightness of any part.
  • Without the use of cylindricity tolerance tighter tolerance need to be provided in diameter of any part.

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