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Parallelism : GD&T Basics

  • Parallelism can be used to control parallelism between two surfaces or the parallelism of two axis.
  • Parallelism describes a parallel orientation of one referenced feature to a datum surface or line in 3D tolerance zone.
  • Parallelism does not control the angle of the referenced feature, but it creates a tolerance zone in which the feature must lie.
  • Tolerance zone will be two parallel planes  that are parallel to the datum feature or surface.
  • MMC and LMC conditions are applicable with parallelism tolerance.
  • Parallelism is required to make sure two surfaces/features work in sync with each other and constant distance between them is maintained.‚Äč

Tolerance Zone:


Application Of Parallelism

Parallelism is used to make sure two surfaces are in synchronised with each other and constant distance between them is maintained.

Parallelism is used to avoid any taper in any slot or cylindrical hole.

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