SMLease Design

Mechanical Product Design & Development Partner

From idea to sketch, To a real world prototype to production.

No matter the complexity, no matter the design.

We are here to do it


What We Do


Product Design

If you have great idea and need help in getting that idea into market. we are here to do it 

Engineering Support

We can work with your team to resolve complex engineering problems and getting product into market.

Manufacturing Support

If you have a design we can help you in making real world prototype. We have vendors all across the globe.

Our Expertise


Concept Design

Computer Aided Design


Sheet Metal Design

Mechanical Design For IoT 


Rugged Enclosure Design

Plastic Enclosure Design

Design For Manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

Production Support

Our Advantages


Design For Manufacturing

Product Designed by us will be ready for Manufacturing

Engineering Expertise

We deliver design right first time. We use latest tools, technology and experience to design excellent products.

Innovative Solutions

We will provide you innovative solutions for complex engineering problems.


Cost Advantages

We are committed to provide low cost solutions without compromising on quality.

Manufacturing Support

With our network of vendors, we can help you in getting your product into market.

Our Design Process


From the start to the end of the project design we provide complete product design & development services. We will take a full responsibility to make your design production ready that meets all of your product requirements.

While doing design we consider all aspects of manufacturing for prototyping and mass production, Cost Optimisation, Product Life. Once the final design is completed we can prepare engineering drawings or other documentation for prototyping & final production.


Understand Your Idea

We will understand your Idea to understand your product vision, market and scope of work. We will analyse your requirements and will get back to you with some analysis and questions.

Market Research

​Once we understand your requirements we will start working on your idea design feasibility, available similar products.

Concept Design 

​After we finalise all product requirements, We will start working on product design concepts and product features. If required will will do testing of the concepts. At this stage we will finalise all product features.

Industrial Design

​After finalising concept design, we will work on industrial design, At this stage our aim is to make product aesthetically appealing while its satisfying all product functional requirements. Before finalising product industrial design we review design for manufacturing, assembly, functional requirements and for mass production. 

Detailed Design 

​After we finalise industrial design, We will start working on product detailed mechanical design. At this stage we will finalise all cad data, engineering drawings, BOM, Design for manufacturing, Design for assembly. At the end of this stage product is ready for manufacturing.

Cost Optimisation

Budget of a product is very important. That can define the success of a product. Design & assembly process of a product defines the overall tooling and unit price of a product. Making mechanical prototype and tooling is a costly affair. We can work with your team from the concept stage to production to optimise overall project cost.


​After we finalise cad data, We can work with manufacturer for the prototyping. Prototyping is required to make sure final design is meeting all the expectations. As per your requirement of number of prototypes, product design and verification requirement we can suggest best manufacturing process. 

We can take complete prototype manufacturing responsibility for your product. We can select vendor and manufacturing process (CNC, 3D Printing or Vacuum Casting) for your prototype manufacturing considering project budget, part complexity and project requirement. 

Verification & Validation

Product Verification & Validation is very important part of product design. Before going for production Product Assembly, Environmental Testing, Pre-Certification Tests & all use cases need to be verified. Before going for tooling, we need to make sure all parts are as per specifications. After we get prototypes, We can help you in verification and validation of your product. Some of initial validation tests can be done on prototypes that helps in saving time and cost.

Production Support

​After we get approval for prototypes,Our team can work with you for the production & outsourcing of your parts. We will work with your team for the development of new vendors & selection of manufacturing process for your product manufacturing at optimum cost without compromising on product quality. We can help you in manufacturing of parts in small and large quantity. We will work with manufacturer to give you final product.