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Sheet Metal Electronics Enclosure Design

Sheet Metal electronics enclosure designs that reflect your design intent while satisfying product functional requirements and cost is a challenging task. This article will highlight key design consideration and their impact on product performance: material, assembly techniques, finish etc.

Product Industrial and Assembly Architecture Design

Table Top indoor Electronics Enclosure Wall Mounting Enclosure 19 Inch 1 U Electronics Chassis  

Industrial / Concept design defines the product aesthetics. Following factors affects product industrial design:

  • Internal PCB outline
  • Position of connectors
  • Heat dissipation
  • Product IP rating
  • Product mounting requirements

For telecom racks, chassis and enclosures, IE…

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Ventilation Options For Sheet Metal Enclosures

Why Ventilation is Required ?

With reduction in size of electronics PCB and mechanical enclosure, Heat dissipation is becoming a challenge. To increase heat dissipation rate in sheet metal enclosures, ventilation holes are required. In sheet metal parts we can create ventilation holes that are aesthetically pleasing while satisfying the requirement of heat dissipation.

Heat transfer calculation for high heat dissipating components need to be done to find optimum area required for convection heat transfer.

Our team can work with you if you are facing any challenges in dissipating heat from your electronics devices you can Contact us for Sheet metal design services.

Decorative ventilation Cutouts

Ventilation holes in sheet metal parts can be used to provide better a…

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Electronics Enclosure Design

Electronics enclosure designs that reflect your design intent, product requirements and cost is a challenging work . Few things like product aesthetics, market size, product life & cost need to be determined in the start of design 

This blog will highlight key design consideration and their impact on product performance: product aesthetics, material selection, assembly process, Budget and total number of parts need to be manufactured

If you have any questions, please comment below or email , we will do our best to get back to you with some useful information.

If you need any assistance in design and development of  electronics enclosure for your electronics product you can contact us for any kind of mechanical design services

Product Industri…

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